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When I was a little girl, my world seemed perfect, and the people in it - beautiful! As they get older the world was changing, never ceasing to amaze me, and people were still beautiful. It's the people, their feelings, experiences, their beauty and "light" in the eyes - that's what inspires me to work in photography. Human emotions - genuine joy, sincerity, tears of happiness, excitement, reverent attitude to each other - all this is important to me - do not miss a single detail on this day - your wedding day - the beginning of a new life!

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  • Если бы я визуализировала мое любимое стихотворение Маршака «рассказ о неизвестном герое», то его герой выглядел бы точь-в-точь как мой друг Вова .  Ищут пожарные,
Ищет милиция,
Ищут фотографы
В нашей столице,
Ищут давно,
Но не могут найти
Парня какого-то
Лет двадцати.

Среднего роста,
Плечистый и крепкий,
Ходит он в белой
Футболке и кепке.
Знак "ГТО"
На груди у него.
Больше не знают
О нем ничего.
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Wedding photoset . Just a 2 of us.

I had a beauty this weekend. Wedding, summer (when summer finally came to Saint-Petersburg for a  a couple of days).  Beauty inner and outer. Actually my couple might be as a normal guys without wedding dress or groom’s suit, they even couldn’t take a me as a wedding photographer. That case you will be missed all these beautiful series of one wedding in Saint-Petersburg. And I’m really happy that everything turned out as we planned. I was so inspired of the spots where we were doing our photoset. What do I need to be happy as a photographer?  Nothing else.  And more, I can’t remember the last wedding I laughed so much during the shooting process. 🙂 Необычные места для свадебной прогулки.

svadebnaya-fotosessiya-dlya-dvoih-v-sankt-peterburge_12 ♥ Read Post ♥

Don’t part with the ones you love.

You know, whet I am at work – I am absolutely happy. I am so excited to shoot people in love, respecting each other. At this moment I am probably the one person who is so close to the bride and groom. And it’s so fantastic to be involved to the process of shooting of love. I’m sentimental photographer – all I can say about me.  In spite of 6 years working as a wedding photographer I still can cry during the wedding ceremony. Anything can happen. There is one good phrase for describing this wedding: “Don’t part with ones you love”. Enjoy watching the mini-series. Свадьба в Пушкине летом. Необычное свадебное платье. ♥ Read Post ♥