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When I was a little girl, my world seemed perfect, and the people in it - beautiful! As they get older the world was changing, never ceasing to amaze me, and people were still beautiful. It's the people, their feelings, experiences, their beauty and "light" in the eyes - that's what inspires me to work in photography. Human emotions - genuine joy, sincerity, tears of happiness, excitement, reverent attitude to each other - all this is important to me - do not miss a single detail on this day - your wedding day - the beginning of a new life!

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Interesting places in Moscow. Moscow Metro.

With this post I would like to open new photo series of Moscow metro. Ufff… its gonna be tough to show you my favorite metro stations as there are quite a lot. We have started our metro tour from one of the new station, because it’s empty enough to walk around and explore everything. Believe me, you have to be an “early birds” to make a pictures of the old metro stations. Anyway stay tuned and enjoy our new post with interesting places in Moscow. Cheers.

interesting Moscow metro stations

Moscow, where to go and shoot?

black and white Moscow

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Interesting places in Moscow.

Here you will find the new photoset in Moscow. Please, welcome. 🙂

Photographer: Arina Sarv Clothes by Nadia Nurieva

interesting places in Moscow.

Unusual photosets in Moscow.

not a typical moscow

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My Moscow. Interesting places for visit in Moscow.

Moscow is one of my favorite city and with this photo series I would like to show you my Moscow, my city where I live and shoot now. This is my home town, yes, and these are one of my 10 top places for visiting in Moscow.  I am sure you will open and find you own Moscow, probably more interesting than mine. Anyway you are always welcome to Moscow and welcome to my WORLD. Please, have a seat, wanna coffee or tea?

Interesting places in Moscow.

Portrait Photography ABAFOTO

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Shooting in Moscow. Part 2. VDNKh.


Following my Moscow photo series of unusual places for shooting we’ve been walking around VDNKh. VDNKh, is a permanent general purpose trade show and amusement park in Moscow, Russia. The idea of this All-Union Agricultural exhibition was very simple – to create a cultural center by a Soviet city figure that glorify the ideology of communism and socialism. 52 pavilions, we’ve been walking around a few only as it was so windy and cold. It was so nice to find out that  “Armenia” Pavilion still offer Armenian cognac. 🙂 Anyway you can find a lot of infoby yourself if you want ( (hello Wikipedia) , here just a few portrait pictures. Thanks again to my model Elena. Have a nice day!

необычные места для фотосессии в Москве . ВДНХ

Фотосеты в Москве, ВДНХ

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