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Shooting portraits in Berlin.

If I tell you how I love Berlin you probably won’t listen me. So what? Moscow people don’t like this city that much. Probably because Berlin reminds Moscow. I think this is the city where I lived in previous life. Maybe it is just my ancestors calling (and they were German Jews btw), or maybe it’s just a state of mind when every district, streets or even people around give you a real sense of freedom. I’ve never felt so much inspiration before in my trips.  And this is a special pleasure to shoot in a city you adore.

Berlin reminds me of Moscow, but that Moscow from childhood, when the trees were large, and the air was fresh and clean. It seems that you walk along the streets, and there will be a stall with ice-cream for 20 cents, and you will stretch the ruble and say the usual: “For all I need, 5 servings of Eskimo.” Walking along the Karl Marx alley, passing the cafe “Moscow” (oh, it’s nice to see this name), it seems to you that you are in childhood, buildings that resemble Leninsky Prospekt or Gagarin Square in Moscow. And Berlin is a city where you can get lost as in Moscow, and no one cares about you or pay attention, whether you’ll be rented from the roof of houses or lying on a lawn in a park nearby, whatever.

When a year ago I decided to go to recharge my batteries, suddenly it was possible to shoot beautiful portraits in Berlin. That special feeling to step out of the plane and go straight from the airport for meeting with my model Anyuta. And it does not matter that the weather that day was rather a mix of the 30-degree heat and thunderstorm with heavy rain. Now, a year after the shooting, when I finally decided to upload this photo-file, I understand that I would have decided to get wet in Berlin under the rain with my model. But, probably, this would be a completely different story. In the meantime, I want to come back to that day when shooting portraits in Berlin is not a dream anymore. Enjoy watching.


Портретная фотосессия в Берлине.

Портретный фотограф. Фотограф в Москве.

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Abstract photographs in abstract landscapes.

Abstract landscapes XYZT – is the name of the exhibition, which took place in Moscow at the end of last year in the space of the Bereg District. At first it seems that you just fall into the dark space where people move, you see their silhouettes, the shadows the light, depending on the direction of their movement, changes. Letters, numbers, airflows, even the sudden voices of guards that restricted the entrance to certain objects-all seemed to be some kind of performance, I recalled the Massive Attack concert with their beautiful installations, it seemed these abstractions from letters will form in words, phrases, thoughts . Wandering through the numerous corridors of light, leaning against the glass walls, watching themselves in distorted reflections – all this was more like a world beyond. Only now, when I’m writing this post and posting photos, I realized what I missed there, in that black space … I did not have enough music, a sound around, a DJ with some kind of cosmic mix. Perhaps, that was an idea by the organizers do not allow visitors to spend the whole day in that magic place.

портретная фотосессия в Москве.

необычная портретная фотосессия.

идеи для фотосессии в темноте.

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Geometry of now. GES-2. Moscow.

I really enjoy to take a pictures in unusual places in Moscow. So when I suddenly realized that one of abandoned places in the heart of Moscow will be opened by VAC_Foundation for an exhibition I immediately grabbed my camera to make a few shots.  “Geometry of now” is how this exhibition was called. There were sound installations during daytime and concerts during the nights…Thanks a lot for showing us this wonderful art space. Looking forward to seeing what an interesting project will be opened in 2019 in Moscow. 

Geometry of now. moscow. GES-2

Portrait photoset in Moscow. Places for visiting in Moscow.

Geometry of now. Moscow. GES-2

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Portrait shooting. Julia.

Some photosets are still waiting to be shared for a long time. It usually happens when you’ve shot a lot of portraits in the studio, shared some pictures in instagram and usually there is not enough time for more. We’ve made this photoset during winter time (with Christmas decorations as well and it wasn’t Christmas tree, be sure). And I am so happy about the result. Beautiful girl in the studio. Wake up dears, spring is coming. Hooray!


Portrait photoset in Moscow.

Studio shooting, photographer in Moscow.

Black and white photography. Portrait in studio.

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