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When I was a little girl, my world seemed perfect, and the people in it - beautiful! As they get older the world was changing, never ceasing to amaze me, and people were still beautiful. It's the people, their feelings, experiences, their beauty and "light" in the eyes - that's what inspires me to work in photography. Human emotions - genuine joy, sincerity, tears of happiness, excitement, reverent attitude to each other - all this is important to me - do not miss a single detail on this day - your wedding day - the beginning of a new life!

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50 facts about me.

I believe it would be easier to explain who I’m and what I’m by posting this list of 50 facts about me. Probably details of my humble life could help you get me more clearly.


  1. My name is Arina Sarv, I’m a photographer.
  2. Before I decided to choose profession of photographer I used to chat with my friends photographers at livejournal.com. That time they were barely known bloggers but already were working as professional photographers. That time I was sure I won’t choose the same job. Until I met my future husband.
  3. I’m a dreamer and only the most loyal friends of mine (that not always include my family members) believe my desperately bold dreams.
  4. I took a chance and one of my dreams has come true: I do what I like; my job is about creativity and communication with people. I can’t wish more.50-faktov-obo-mne_04
  5. Literate speech is really important for me.
  6. I really appreciate a sense of humor in person and can forgive a lot of things for it, including those shouldn’t be pardoned.
  7. I’m pretty naïve and still trust people despite of my age and experience.
  8. I can’t take deep offence at somebody, but rather turn upset with life and its injustice.
  9. I like to write poetry but since I’ve started taking pictures I’ve quit it.
  10. I’m easily addicted but devoted person. I need my daily portion of expiration and (Hallelujah!) I’ve learnt how to find it in a daily route.50-faktov-obo-mne_03
  11. Music is my everything; I can’t live without it! Even when I’m not with my ear pods on music plays inside of me and I always singing some song.
  12. When I used to have office job I could ‘borrow’ my colleague’s iPod to learn his or her playlist.
  13. I used to make my own playlists for my friends. These CD’s were handled with instructions — which track suits for a long road trip or train journey or whatever else. And I wasn’t lazy to do that.
  14. That time I used to come to my office before the business day started to email my friends some of my thought full of morning sun and coffee, so they could start their days with sharing my emotions. It’s a pity I’ve stopped to do that.
  15. I’m smiling reading my text messages.
  16. Frequently I was told that I had attractive, smiling and prepossessing voice on the phone. And only one of my friends, an actor, referred to my voice as ‘a nasal and unpleasant’ one. Shouldn’t I call him frenemy now?
  17. I can laugh at myself.
  18. Often I underestimate myself and have a lot of complexes. Rule ‘Commandment #1: Believe in yourself. Commandment #2: Get over yourself’ is not about me.
  19. I need a constant progression around me otherwise I waste away. My best friend once told me: ‘Whatever city you live in you always put up Moscow around you’.
  20. I love Moscow and my love’s growing strong when I’m leaving to live in other cities.
  21. If someone had told me my son will be born in St Petersburg I would laugh in his face.
  22. Number 13 is my favourite one. My son was born on February 13th, 2013 and this is my biggest luck!
  23. I refer to myself as echidna-mother, because I can’t spend a lot of time at my boy, but I’m dreaming that time when he’ll take me as a back vocalist for his band or at least ask for my advice which hockey team to join to.50-faktov-obo-mne_05
  24. I do like hockey and used to watch every NHL matchups.
  25. I’m happy I’ve seen the Stanley Cup, NHL All-Star Game and Wayne Gretzky alive.
  26. Wayne Gretzky once was asked ‘What do you feel scaring a goal?’ ‘I feel orgasm!’ — he replied. I feel the same about my job.
  27. My sister is the best hockey expert among all of my friends and I like to watch hockey matchups with her.
  28. I’m a little bit of a punk rocker inside, so in my 36 I’ve shaved my temple.
  29. My curls are natural and I used to hate them before this day.
  30. I’m short-sighted and I enjoy wearing glasses. Sometimes I use to ‘forget’ wearing glasses at clubs and parties so world seems more silken and pretty.
  31. I like concerts and attend them often.
  32. I’m a Depeche Mode’s fan and even my mother’s cats know that.
  33. Thanks God I know other people who are the fans of DM!
  34. I’m infinitely grateful that my life never ceases to amaze me. Yes, it was Bernard Shaw quote.
  35. Vladimir Mayakovsky is my favourite poet. ‘Shine every time, shine everywhere, till our last days’, nonetheless.
  36. I worship Erich Maria Remarque, especially his ‘The Night in Lisbon’.
  37. I’m really happy new people coming to my life, especially those I feel great with.
  38. If I’m writing (I used to do that often before) I need just a couple of hours to sleep.
  39. Estonia is my favourite country. Tallinn is my favourite city. It’s my tranquil and serene library where my every mind-book takes its exact place on the right shelf.50-faktov-obo-mne_02
  40. My blog was called ‘Thought from the cockloft’. One of my acquaintances once told me he thought I was really living in the cockloft.
  41. I like when people are straightforward with me. I prefer to hear what they think about me on myself, not behind my back.
  42. I’m keen on doctors, especially surgeons. I could envy their sense of humor.
  43. Once upon a time one practicing doctor told me everything is getting worse after 30’s. Or it was another black humor joke. And now I’m waiting to be 40 to try on myself if it will be a new fresh start or not?
  44. Once I gave everything up and moved to Kamchatka. One year was enough for me and went back to Moscow. Worse climate can be found in St Petersburg only.
  45. For my 6 years in St Petersburg I haven’t learnt this city much, but I do love the people here, they’re different.
  46. I hate ‘white nights’ ‘cause I can’t sleep that time at all.
  47. I like to travel and dream to reach Canada and visit Toronto’s Hockey Hall of Fame and NHL match.
  48. Some time ago I used to dream I would organize not 5 o’clock tea but Mojito Sunday parties for my kids when I’ll be old and they will share their holydays with me and their friends talking about everything, especially about music. Now I think I won’t live that long, so I gave this dream to my friend.
  49. When I was a child and was told that I have the same name as Alexander Pushkin’s nanny and was afraid I could die from alcohol abusing with my grandkids:

Let us drink, o comrade dear

Of my youth, so poor and hard, –

‘Gainst our woe; is a cup here?

It will cheer the saddened heart.

  • Pushkin wrote in memory of his nan.
  • 50-faktov-obo-mne_01
  1. I’m one big contradiction… Read two previous points.

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10 thoughts on “50 facts about me.

  1. Кристина Tuesday June 2nd, 2015

    Ариш ты космос, посмеялась и в глазах защипало пару раз! Как круто читать живой ум!

    • Арина Tuesday June 2nd, 2015

      спасибо большое, Кристин!!) приятно)) надо писать – не ожидала, что будут читать))

  2. Юля Tuesday June 2nd, 2015

    ариш, так трогательно. какая же ты волшебная и хрупкая

    • Арина Tuesday June 2nd, 2015

      спасибо, Юль 🙂

  3. Ольга Tuesday June 2nd, 2015

    Очень мило получилось, действительно живо и позитивно. Кудри в сочетании с Петербургом и фото – это прекрасно, лучше без хирургов и одной мечты, она может обновляться, поэтому их может быть несколько), так уж устроен человек-сначала мечтает о второй половинке, потом о ребенке, потом о внуках, потом о мире во всем мире и т.д.

    • Арина Tuesday June 2nd, 2015

      Спасибо большое, я переживала, что фактов будет очень много) все не уместилось 🙂

  4. Nicholas Stanley Tuesday June 2nd, 2015

    What a great personality! 🙂 I’m proud to be your friend)))

    • Арина Monday June 8th, 2015

      thank you, my dear Nicholas !!

  5. Аня Мурашка Wednesday June 3rd, 2015

    Звезда моя, ну прямо ты! Столько всего вспомнилось! И какая же ты молодец! Оч люблю, скучаю и жду

    • Арина Friday June 5th, 2015

      Нюшенька, душенька, я хочу к тебе приехать – в сентябре ! -)) спасибо тебе, дорогая))

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